UXWizz is now available as a DigitalOcean 1-Click App!

Self-hosted analytics for all your websites

Your own alternative to Google Analytics and Hotjar.
UXWizz can be easily installed in different ways:

1-Click App (DigitalOcean)

UXWizz is available as a 1-Click App on the DigitalOcean marketplace.
New DigitalOcean customers receive
$200 in free credits, valid for 60 days.

Download and install on your server

Install on any server with PHP/MySQL. It works anywhere: locally, VPS, dedicated server, using cPanel, Docker LAMP container, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Read more about the server requirements.
Download UXWizz (PHP application) Download UXWizz WordPress plugin  UXWizz can also be installed as WordPress plugin.
Installation instructions (docs)

All UXWizz licenses include support for installation.
If you need help setting up, don't hesitate to contact support.
14 days trial. After expiration, you can purchase a license to continue using and support UXWizz.
Completely free trial — No email address or credit card needed. No auto-renewals or marketing emails.

You can also send an email at support@uxwizz.com
Your email address will only be used for this inquiry and will not be saved or used for any other marketing purposes.