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UXWizz and open-source

Even though UXWizz is source-available and not entirely open-source, by purchasing a license you directly help other open-source projects.
Below are the main ways in which UXWizz helps the open-source community:

1. Using open-source software

Creating and developing UXWizz relies on multiple existing open-source projects.
Using an open-source project in a production environment is one of the best ways to support an open-source project, because while using it you notice issues or possible improvements for it.
During the many years of UXWizz development I have joined many open-source projects communities and submitted numerous bug reports, fixes and suggestions.

Some of the open-source projects that UXWizz relies on:

2. Sponsoring open-source software

Part of UXWizz profits are donated to open-source projects considered to have a big impact in the near feature.


3. Open-sourcing auxilliary software

Developing and promoting UXWizz creates the need of specific tools that might or might not already exist.
If a tool is needed but I can not find anything suitable I will usually create one.
I open-source most of the auxliarry tools that I create.

Open-source tools created while devleoping UXWizz:

  1. PHP Markdown Blog - github.com/Cristy94/markdown-blog
  2. Dynamic JavaScript Event Listener - github.com/Cristy94/dynamic-listener

You can also send an email at support@uxwizz.com
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