A new era has arrived: UXWizz v6! AI integration is now live!!
Understand users and improve your website using

Self-hosted analytics

Do you want to stop sharing your data with big corporations?
And get the insights needed to improve your website while increasing data privacy?
You can replace tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar with
your own private analytics platform.
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How is UXWizz different?

Private data Self-hosted

This is your own private platform, not a cloud service. Get full control over your data and stop sharing it with 3rd parties.
This drastically improves data privacy.

Download icon Easy installation

UXWizz is self-hosted only and built on robust and highly available technologies so it only takes a few minutes to install UXWizz on your own server.

Tools In-depth analytics

Most privacy-friendly platforms only display basic stats. UXWizz provides all the tools you need to really understand your visitors and improve your website.

Spaceship Highly performant

You can install UXWizz on a cheap VPS or even on shared hosting. Add a few more resources and you can track millions of pageviews.

Update Easy to maintain and update

UXWizz is made for easy self-hosting. Automatically update to the latest version in a single click. Over 10 years of flawless updates — developed since 2012!

Support Premium Support

Get high-quality answers within 24 hours directly from the developer. Get help with installation, operational issues or request new features.

Get unlimited access to:

📊 Stats, 🔥 Heatmaps, 📹 Recordings, 🌓A/B tests, 🌟Events and more!

Find out which users convert and why

User segments

Compare user categories in a single click.
Find out where converting users come from and bring more quality traffic.

Understand what is important for your users


See which parts of your page get the most attention.
Know what elements to emphasize and what elements to remove.

Find and fix problems

Session playback

Find UX or techincal issues by watching users browse your site.
Do they try to interact with non-clickable elements or click "Purchase" but nothing happens?

Monitor all your websites in a single place

Multiple domains overview

Get instant stats for your websites.
See how many visitors are currently live on all your sites at once.
UXWizz multiple domains

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What customers like about UXWizz

I think UXWizz is absolutely phenomenal. Nothing else I've found online even compares to this hidden gem.
Jay Wilson
I'm really happy with what you've built. It's simple and I think a far superior alternative to Hotjar which we cancelled to go with your solution.
Jason B.
Great tool, it is very fast and responsive and delivers great detail without putting to much preasure on the tracked site.
Support is also very fast!

We have purchased over $20,000 worth of software products. I have to say this is one of the best scripts we have bought by far!
Superb for UX designers or researchers. Not difficult to implement in your website and it really helps to understand how your customers are browsing through your website.
If I could give 10 stars I would. The plugin's UI is very smart and support is top tier.
Thanks for making such great software!

Your product is really good and when compared with the alternatives it is amazing value.
I love your project, and it's helped my business a lot just in the 7 days we've been using it. It's helped us refine the content on landing pages to see what prospects are paying attention to, and with that info alone I think the product has already paid for itself. It's helped us figure out which content should be displayed above the fold, and identify page elements that confuse visitors. Way above and beyond what Google Analytics does!
Jason T.

Most reviews are sourced from customers direct email messages.
For privacy reasons, full customer identity isn't disclosed.

Why would I use a self-hosted analytics script instead of a service?

You may already use other analytics services such as Google Analytics, Hotjar or Fullstory. They are all great services but sometimes you just want something that is entirely in your control and provides better privacy and performance for you and your users.

You can also send an email at support@uxwizz.com
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