UXWizz is now available as a DigitalOcean 1-Click App!

UXWizz is a self-hosted alternative to Hotjar

There are three core differences between UXWizz and Hotjar:

  1. Privacy – UXWizz is self-hosted while Hotjar is 3rd party hosted (data is sent to their servers).
  2. Features – UXWizz is a complete analytics platform while Hotjar is mainly focused on heatmaps and session recordings.
  3. Pricing – Hotjar is a service for which you pay monthly. UXWizz is a product that you purchase once and own forever.

Below you can view a features comparison table between UXWizz and Hotjar.

UXWizz vs Hotjar features comparison

Feature UXWizz Hotjar
Heatmaps Yes Yes
Session Recordings Yes Yes
Conversion Funnels Coming soon
Can also be done using Ask AI
Feedback/Polls Not out of the box
Can be easily added
Visitor Analytics Yes No
Event Tracking Yes No
A/B Testing Yes No
Multiple Domains Overview Yes No
Segments stats & comparison Yes No
Ask AI (ask questions about your data) Yes No
Price (self-hosted vs service)
For approx. 100k sessions/month
$299 one-time
(+ your eventual hosting costs)

With UXWizz you don't need to use any other analytics tools

Hotjar doesn't provide any quantitative data or graphs of your users. You usually have to use Hotjar together with another analytics platform such as Google Analytics. This means that you must include two JavaScript trackers, send data to two 3rd party companies and keep navigating between the two dashboards to view your site's data.
UXWizz provides all the analytics tools you need for your site in a single platform. You will save time and better understand your visitors by being able to view all the data in one place.

UXWizz is more private and transparent than Hotjar

Another important difference between the two is that for UXWizz you can view the tracking and server source code (open source).
You also have full access to all the files and data of the platform, so you can be sure that your data is yours to stay and not shared with anyone else.

UXWizz is more frequently updated than Hotjar

As I am the only one currently developing UXWizz I can quickly decide on what new features to implement, test them and deploy them without going through lengthy meetings.
UXWizz currently gets around one new major update and three minor updates per month. You can automatically update to the latest version with a single click.
You can view the most recent updates in the changelog.

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