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💰 Earn money while promoting self-hosted analytics

Promote a high-quality product loved by customers and earn money for each license purchased through your affiliate link.

Affiliate terms summary:

🌟 Register as an affiliate

To become an affiliate, please use the contact widget in the bottom-right corner or email support [at] uxwizz.com mentioning:

📜 Promotion terms:

By signing up for the UXWizz Affiliates platform (“Program”) you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”).
  • No self-referrals
  • No infringing on our or any anyone else's intellectual property, publicity, privacy or other rights
  • No adware, spyware, loyalty-ware or any such software
  • You respect all applicable local and regional laws (in terms of privacy, local taxes, eligibility to act as an affiliate, data protection, etc.)
  • No purchasing or usage of domains that contain the words “UXWizz”
  • No impersonating UXWizz or any UXWizz staff member. Make it clear you are an affiliate, and not someone working for UXWizz or TIPS4DESIGN SRL. This applies to everything, including social media posts, email marketing, etc.
  • No advertising with keywords that contain "UXWizz", “TIPS4DESIGN SRL” or any close derivatives of them (do not compete with our own ads).
  • Do not include our affiliate links or program in any content that is defamatory, obscene, threatening, harassing, harmful to minors, or contains nudity, pornography or sexually explicit materials.
  • The content surrounding the affiliate link must not be falsified (no fake discounts or promotions, no fake product features, overall nothing that would lead the user to believe the product or promotion is different from what it is).
If you promote our affiliate link on any platform (website, application, Facebook page, etc), that platform:
  • Can not in any way copy, resemble, or mirror the look and feel of our website or brand. You will also not use any means to create the impression that your platform is our website or any part of our website.
  • Should be a direct link (whenever possible), without any redirect that would mask the origin of the link.

What tools you'll get:

  • Affiliate code that you can use when linking to UXWizz.
  • Dashboard to see live number of sales/refunds coming from your link (COMING SOON).
  • Dashboard to see history of payments received and payment status (COMING SOON).
  • Press kit (logo, banners, marketing text, features list, etc.) that you can use to promote UXWizz.

Taxes and payments:

  • You must be legally allowed to perform the activities of an affiliate in your country.
  • You must be able to emit an invoice for your earnings, or to accept a reverse-invoice emitted by TIPS4DESIGN SRL.
  • If any extra taxes are applicable for the payment (transfer costs, VAT, local taxes), those will be deducted from the earnings.
  • Payments will be through Bank Transfer or Payoneer.

Data privacy:

  • UXWizz uses an in-house affiliate system, no data is shared with any 3rd party affiliate platform.
  • The customer sales data is handled by our payment processor, Paddle.com: https://paddle.com/legal/privacy
  • Your data (the affiliate) is not shared with any 3rd parties and only used for the purpose of this affiliate partnership.
Any disputes should be first discussed and tried to be solved amiably. For legal disputes, the jurisdiction of this campaign is Romania, where TIPS4DESIGN SRL is headquarterd. We reserve the right to modify those terms of promotion at any time, without prior notice.
If you have any questions, please use the contact widget in the bottom-right corner.

You can also send an email at support@uxwizz.com
Your email address will only be used for this inquiry and will not be saved or used for any other marketing purposes.