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Hosting your UXWizz analytics dashboard


Setting up a new UXWizz server is very easy and can be done in a few clicks, without requiring any technical knowledge.

Here are three self-hosting options:

  1. Setup a UXWizz on a new server (recommended)
  2. If you already have a PHP+MySQL server, you can install UXWizz on an existing server
  3. If you get the WordPress plugin, UXWizz will be hosted on the same server as your WordPress site. WordPress installation guide

For privacy reasons it is highly recommended that you host UXWizz on a server that only you can access.
If you really don't want to manage your own server, you can choose one of the available hosting + maintenence plans below.

Do you provide a hosted version?

If you can't run your own UXWizz server you can request a managed VPS through the contact widget.
All plans include backups and maintenance. Each new UXWizz installation is hosted on a separate VPS for increased privacy.
The hosted plan costs depend on your traffic volume, and it's split into: UXWizz license fee, server fee, maintenence fee.

Questions? Send an email at support@uxwizz.com

You can also send an email at support@uxwizz.com
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