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How to install the WordPress analytics plugin

In this guide you will learn how to install the UXWizz analytics WordPress plugin on your site, how to add the tracker to your pages and how to access the interface.

Installing the WordPress analytics platform

  1. If you have not done it already, please download the wp-userTrack.zip WordPress plugin archive.
  2. Login into your wp-admin dashboard.
  3. From the sidebar, select Plugins -> Add new Add new WordPress plugin How to add a WordPress plugin
  4. Click Upload plugin and choose the analytics plugin archive: Upload WordPess plugin How to upload a WordPress plugin
  5. Click Install now and Active plugin after installation was complete: Activate WordPress plugin After installation, the plugin has to be activated
  6. The analytics plugin is now installed and you should find "UXWizz" in the sidebar: UXWizz WordPress plugin How to access the UXWizz dashboard

You can always check the documentation for the latest WordPress installation instructions.

Accessing the interface

Logging in

UXWizz uses a separate login system from the WordPress one, so you will have to login with the default username and password mentioned in the documentation. Make sure to change those after the initial login.

Make sure settings are correct

While in the UXWizz dashboard, go to Settings -> Tracking settings, scroll down and click the Reset button, which will automatically detect the correct settings.

UXWizz set correct settings Automatically set the correct server path

Adding the tracker to your pages

Tracking the current blog/website

By default, the tracker will be automatically inserted into all the pages/posts of the WordPress site where the plugin was installed.

Selecting which page to track

You can also manually select on which pages the plugin will be installed by using the UXWizz -> Pages to Track menu from the wp-admin sidebar. Which WordPpess pages to track By default all WordPress pages tracked

From the UXWizz dashboard you will have to give access to view data for the current domain name: Add new domain to track Adding the WordPRess site to UXWizz

If the Pages to Track method does not work for some reason, you can still manually include the tracker, as explained in the next section.

Tracking an external website

You can use the current WordPress UXWizz installation to track unlimited domains. In order do that, there are two steps to take:

  1. Add the new domain name to your UXWizz user.
  2. Add the tracker script on all the pages of that domain, as instructed in the pop-up shown after assigning the domain name: Add UXWizz tracking script Adding the tracking JavaScript to the new domain

Encountered any issues during installation or have other questions?

The tracking should work immediately, if it's not working it means something is wrong.
Make sure that all relevant caches have been cleared and that there are no errors in the JavaScript console.

If you still require assistance feel free to send an e-mail at support [at] uxwizz.com, mentioning your purchase code and the URL of your site.

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