Rebrand: userTrack is now UXWizz!

The name of the self-hosted analytics platform "userTrack" has been changed to "UXWizz".
In this blog post I will explain what lead to this rebranding.


The main reason for rebranding userTrack is that nowadays "user tracking" has a negative connotation, and although userTrack is one of the most private ways in which you can handle website analytics (entirely self-hosted, cookie-less, no data centralization, no data shared with 3rd parties, provides various privacy settings, etc.), the name might still trigger negative thoughts.

This rebranding is based on the feedback received from several external people, potential and even existing customers.

A secondary reason for the rebranding is that the "" domain name is owned by bulk domain-trading agencies, asking a high price for it. I do not want to promote the domain flipping business as it provides no real value to the world. Their business relies on keeping domain names occupied for the sole purpose of reselling them at a higher price, thus hindering other businesses or entrepreneurs.

Finding another suitable name

The new name was chosen considering the following:

Found one: UXWizz

After searching for a while, I found a name to check all those boxes: "UXWizz".
The name is still based on two distinct words:

New logo

Apart from changing the name (while keeping the "u" icon), I decided to brighten a bit the secondary color from black to a dark blue (otherwise the "wizz" part would pop out too more). I also played a bit with the dot on the "i", initially I made it a diamond, but everything felt too "square", so I made it a more abstract shape, sort-of resembling a flame/fireball.

userTrack logoPrevious logo: userTrack UXWizz logoNew logo: UXWizz

Moving forward

I did like the "userTrack" name, but I think the new one will do better in terms of marketing. The new logo is similar to the previous one, but I still want to make some minor tweaks to it when I have the time.

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